ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport: Martin Koči demonstrated he belongs to the top at the rally event in Valašské Meziříčí

  • Ján Kopecký from the factory team ŠKODA Motorsport dominated the rally event in Valašské Meziříčí
  • Martin Koči was in the lead up until the 13th special stage where he encountered a technical problem which prevented him from fighting for the 1st place, eventually finishing 4th
  • Martin Koči from ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport finished 2nd within the overall Slovak Rally Championship ranking

Bratislava, April 1, 2019 – Slovak rally team ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport, represented by their successful crew Martin Koči – Radovan Mozner jr., finished 2nd in the overall 2019 Slovak Rally Championship ranking at this weekend’s KOWAX Valašská rally ValMez 2019. During both days of the competition, they were breathing down the neck of the factory driver Jan Kopecký, striving for the 1st place within the overall event ranking, while also jostling Václav Pech for the 1st place within the Slovak Rally Championship ranking with a difference of as little as tenths of a second. Due to technical problems the crew encountered before the end of the race on Sunday, Martin Koči and Radovan Mozner jr. dropped from the 2nd to the 4th place within the overall ranking of the event, while also losing the 1st place within the 2019 Slovak Rally Championship ranking.

Congratulations to Martin and the entire team on the great result which they managed to achieve, despite technical difficulties. I especially appreciate the dedication and excellent performance showcased by Martin and the team throughout the entire weekend. I believe that ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport has all the prerequisites needed to defend the Slovak Rally Championship title,“ said Marek Růžička, managing director of ŠKODA AUTO Slovensko.

ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport crew Martin Koči – Radovan Mozner jr. started the event consisting of 14 special stages with vigour and the ambitions of a winning team. Saturday’s victory within the Slovak Rally Championship ranking missed them by as little as two seconds in favour of Václav Pech. On Sunday, starting out with a tremendous onset, the crew managed to stay in the lead until right before the last two special stages, when they encountered technical difficulties.

Within the 2019 Slovak Rally Championship ranking, we were in the lead until the 13th special stage of the event. During the last service, the mechanics did not manage to prepare the car within the set time limit. Therefore, we were forced to compete with a damaged axle which cost us the fight for the 1st place, as well as valuable points,“ said the driver of the Slovak team ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport, Martin Koči, and added:

I feel sorry about the fact that we lost our chance for excellent results due to circumstances which were not our fault. At the same time, I am content with our ability to match time results of World Rally Champions Ján Kopecký and Pavel Dresler as well as Czech Rally Champion Václav Pech. Our mechanics have done a great job throughout the competition, but a mistake can happen to anyone.

The 1st place of the opening 2019 Slovak Rally Championship event in the overall ranking was occupied by the crew Václav Pech – Petr Uhl with Ford Fiesta R5, followed by the ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport crew Martin Koči – Radovan Mozner jr. with ŠKODA Fabia R5 in the 2nd place and the crew Grzegorz Grzyb – Jakub Wróbel with ŠKODA Fabia R5 in the 3rd place.

The ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport crew has 6 additional events planned for this season. Next up is Rallye Tatry in the beginning of May, followed by Agrotec Rally Hustopeče in June, Rally Prešov in July, DeutschMann Rally Trebišov at the end of August, Rally Veľký Krtíš in September and the last event of the season, Rally Košice, in the middle of October.

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