Martin Koči first among the Slovaks, second overall at the Hustopeče Rally

  • Agrotec Petronas Rally: Jan Kopecký wins, Martin Koči second overall - both from the manufacture team ŠKODA Motorsport
  • Team ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport with Martin Koči still held the leading position in the Slovak Rally Championship 2018 series
  • Within the Slovak Rally Championship, Martin Koči winning 11 of the 12 special stages

Bratislava June 17, 2018 – In the extremely demanding Agrotec Petronas Rally, the crew of the new ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport team Martin Koči / Radovan Mozner Jr., driving on the ŠKODA FABIA R5, won the second place overall. Rally in South Moravia won Jan Kopecký from the ŠKODA Motorsport team. The winners of the two-day race of the Slovak Rally Championship are M. Koči / R. Mozner Jr. In the middle of the series competition, Martin Koči is currently leading with Grzegor Grzyb.

The very difficult Agrotec Petronas Rally, were drivers race through the vineyards in the province of South Moravia, was dominated by the Czech driver Jan Kopecký (ŠKODA FABIA R5) from the ŠKODA Motorsport team. He won eleven of the twelve special stages. Only in the ninth stage, Martin Koči was the fastest from the new racing team ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport (ŠKODA FABIA R5). The Slovak crew in heavy competition of 121 crews ended overall in an excellent second place.

The ambitions of the ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport team, the excellent technical car condition and the driver's preparedness proved Martin Koči already in the shakedown before the race, with the third fastest time in the measured track, only about two seconds behind the winner Jan Kopecký.

The two-day rally itself was divided into two legs. Martin Koči and Radovan Mozner Jr. drove the best times among the Slovaks in the first leg, but the twenty-second penalty for the broken retarder in the second stage put them on the fourteenth place in the first leg, however, by the end of the leg they managed to finish fourth overall with a minimum of only two-second lost over the second-placed.

I was very sorry for crashing into bundle of straw, and I apologized to the whole team tonight. In the difficult competition with a lot of high-quality Czech drivers, we raced very well, so I was very sorry for those twenty seconds, “ said Martin Koči.

Excellent times raced the crew of ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport team in the second leg. Martin Koči even won the ninth stage and quickly managed the heavy fight for the silver position overall and the first position within the Slovak Rally Championship.

The Agrotec Petronas Rally was included in the series of the Czech Rally Championship, the Slovak Rally Championship and the FIA Central Europe Championship. Within the Slovak Rally Championship 2018, the results of the first and second leg were counted separately. The competition towards the Slovak Championship Title is bringing the exciting fights between the ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport Team with the crew Martin Koči / Radovan Mozner Jr. and the Polish crew Grzegorz Grzyb / Boguslav Browinski from the Slovak team RUFA Sport. The first leg in Hustopece won the Polish crew, the second leg was dominated by M. Koči.

After the first half of the Slovak Rally Championship series, the crew Martin Koči / Radovan Mozner Jr. with 110 points currently held the leading position, which is shared with their Polish opponents with the same number of points. Both crews drive on a successful racing special Škoda Fabia R5. "We knew that rally in Hustopece will be very demanding. Therefore, I more enjoy the performance of Martin Koči and the whole ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport team in this race. I am delighted that Martin confirms his ambitions to win the championship title and I will keep my fingers crossed for the next races,"said Marek Ružička, CEO of ŠKODA AUTO Slovensko.

Another event, where the ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport with Martin Koči and Radovan Mozner will fight for the victory in the series of the Slovak Rally Championships 2018, will be Rally Lubeník, which will take place on 13th - 14th July.

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