ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport driver Martin Koči won DeutschMann Rallye Trebišov

  • DeutschMann Rallye Trebišov 2018: Martin Koči from ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport team won by 20,2 seconds
  • Most successful Slovak crew Martin Koči / Radovan Mozner Jr. took five of ten special stages
  • Slovak Rally Championship 2018: M. Koči / R. Mozner held the leading position together with the crew G. Grzyb / B. Browinski
  • Dominant ŠKODA FABIA R5: First three places for racing special from Mlada Boleslav

Bratislava, September 3, 2018 – In the second edition of the DeutschMann Rallye Trebišov, the leading position took the crew Martin Koči / Radovan Mozner Jr. from ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport team. The Polish crew Grzegorz Grzyb / Boguslav Browiński finished second, they lost more than 20 seconds, and the third place took the crew Peter Gavlák / Emil Horniaček. All three crews drive on the racing special ŠKODA FABIA R5. The most successful Slovak crew M. Koči / R. Mozner Jr. added another 30 points for the Slovak Rally Championship 2018 overall season standing. With 165 total points the crew reached the first place which they share with the Polish crew G. Grzyb/ B. Browiński. The absolute champion of the Slovak Rally will be determined in October at the Košice Rally.

The second edition of the DeutschMann Rallye Trebišov (August 31 – September 1) started on Friday with an attractive urban circuit special stage, respectively Prologue, in which the crew Martin Koči / Radovan Mozner Jr. from the ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport team finished second - with just seven tenths of a second behind the winner of this stage the Polish crew Grzegorz Grzyb / Boguslav Browiński. In the second stage, the standings were changed, however, the winning Slovaks were still behind the Poles for half of a second in the current standing. After the first two stages, Rally in Trebišov seemed to be similar to the previous race in Lubeník, where the same teams were fighting for the first place, and the time differences between them were always very tight, not just tenths of a second.

The third stage was a breakthrough: Martin Koči won by 14.2 seconds ahead of Grzegorz Grzyb. After this stage M. Koči / R. Mozner Jr. won three more stages and their lead was by 30.4 seconds, even though the crew was twice out of the track: "The first time we were surprised by a tyre on the road we did not expect, and the second time it was my fault, running off the road on a curve" said M. Koči. Fortunately, the damage to the car was not serious, it was only slightly bumped - with a damaged area on the front and a torn rear bumper.

In the next part of the race, M. Koči changed his tactic as he focused on maintaining his current leadership position. All other stages won the Polish crew, but always followed closely by racers M. Koči / R. Mozner Jr. Thanks to the controlled distance from 1.2 to 4.5 seconds, the Slovak crew Martin Koči / Radovan Mozner Jr. driving on the ŠKODA FARIA R5, maintained its position and became the winner of the DeutschMann Rally Trebišov with 20.2 seconds ahead of the Polish crew Grzegorz Grzyb / Boguslav Browiński (ŠKODA FABIA R5). The crew Peter Gavlak / Emil Horniacek (ŠKODA FABIA R5) with a 3:04.8 min. behind the leader finished third.

It was a beautiful but very challenging race. The tracks were fast and narrow, just for one car. Even driving to maintain its position, though it does not seem so, is very physically demanding. However, I am glad that we were successful in this race and we have reached the leadership of the current standings,“ Martin Koči said.

In the current standing of the Slovak Rally Championship 2018, Martin Koči scored 165 points, the same number of points has also G. Grzyb. Whether ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport will be with Martin Koči and Radovan Mozner enjoying the title of absolute Champion of Slovakia in Rally, will be determined at the Košice Rally, which will take place on October 19 – 21, 2018. Each competition day of the final event of the championship is rated as a separate race so the racers compete over sixty more points.

The most successful crew of Slovak motorsport is in the metropolis of the East at home, so we believe that our racers will come to encourage a large audience. We will cross our fingers for Martin Koči, so he can celebrate the title in his hometown and Košice will change to KOČIce at that moment,“ said Marek Růžička, CEO of ŠKODA AUTO Slovensko and wished to Martin a successful end of the season.

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