ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport: Martin Koči won the Rallye Tatras in a start-to-finish way.

  • At the Rallye Tatry, a new team of ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport with a driver Martin Koči celebrates the first absolute victory.
  • All podium standings for the crew driving on the special ŠKODA FABIA R5
  • In the Championship series of the Slovak Rally Championship 2018 team ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport with M. Koči currently on the 1st - 2nd place.

Bratislava 28 May 2018 - A new team of ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport celebrates its first victory when its crew Martin Koči / Radovan Mozner Jr. on ŠKODA FABIA R5 has become the absolute winner of the 45th Rallye Tatry (25-26 May). With the victory in a way from start-to-finish, M. Koči has currently the leading position at the Slovak Rally Championship 2018 which he shares with the Polish driver Grzegorz Grzyb. At the Rallye Tatry, the ŠKODA FABIA R5 racing car proved its quality and the technological development, when the first three places took drivers riding this special car.

"Although we were winning from the start of these fast and heavy race, due to the high-impact weather conditions, we had to fight very hard for our victory till the end primarily with the Polish crew Grzyb / Browinski. However, we were well prepared and followed our special tactical plan. In crazy weather, including sun and rain, we were able to select the right tires. The whole team has done a great job. I am very happy that I managed to win", share his impressions Martin Koči, the driver of the winning ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport team.

Slovak racing team ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport with ŠKODA FABIA R5 on the 45th legendary Rallye Tatry race won the opening Friday's stage. In an attractive night circuit race on the streets of Poprad, drenched by the evening rain, the crew Martin Koči / Radovan Mozner Jr. won and and the Polish crew Grzegorz Grzyb / Boguslav Browinski (ŠKODA FABIA R5) was just 0.6 seconds behind them. The Slovak crew was again fighting with the Polish crew over the overall victory on Sunday race. In the race where drivers had to deal with the various extreme weather conditions and driving some parts in a hail storm, the Slovak team of ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport was more successful when out of the seven stages (the fifth stage was cancelled due to the weather) crew M. Koči / R Mozner Jr. won five, they finished second and fourth on one stage. They were leading from the beginning of the race, and managed to win in the absolute ranking with 34.9 seconds ahead of Grzyb / Browinski (Poland). On the third place was crew Német / Szegö (Hungary). All three fastest crews drive on the ŠKODA FABIA R5 cars, proving the quality and technological development of this special racing car from Mlada Boleslav.

By winning the Tatra Rally, the crew of M. Koči / R. Mozner Jr. from the ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport Team recorded additional 30 points towards the Slovak Rally Championship 2018 current standings. After the second race of the series, the crew is sharing the leadership position with Grzyb / Browinski with the same points.

"We are so happy with the results and our first ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport team victory that has a premiere this season. We congratulate Martin Koči and the whole team for excellent performance. We look forward to seeing Martin's ambitions realized at the Slovak Rally Championship title. We believe that in other races, he gets far ahead from his rivals and become independent. We will keep the thumbs up,"said Marek Růžička, CEO of ŠKODA AUTO Slovensko.

Fans of Slovak motorsport will see the new ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport team with crew Martin Koči / Radovan Mozner Jr. in the third race of the Slovak Rally Championship 2018 less than three weeks in the southern Moravia, on 15-16 June 2018, at the Agrotec Petronans Rally Hustopeče.

Martin Koči and co-driver Filip Schovánek on ŠKODA FABIA R5 also compete at the selected events of the Junior Rally European Championships U28.

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