ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport: Martin Koči at the Rally Prešov runner-up

  • A new team of ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport, in its premiere, won the first 25 points at the Slovak Rally Championship 2018
  • ŠKODA FABIA R5 took the first three places

From the Slovak racers, starting on the Saturday Rally Prešov, the best finish had Martin Koci from the new ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport team. At the season-opening series of the Slovak Rally Championship 2018 he finished second and was awarded with 25 points to his national title. The winner was Grzegorz Grzyb from Poland, third place took Mikołaj Marczyk also from Poland. The fast race with a nine-speed tests was the total triumph of the ŠKODA FABIA R5 racing teams, which took the first three podium finishes.

"Since we announced our support for the Slovak motorsport and the establishment of the ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport team, we have the highest ambitions in getting title of the Slovak Rally Championship. So, we really looked forward to this premiere race with a thrill if we can fulfill our expectations. I'd like to congratulate Martin Koči and the whole team not only for the second place, but I especially appreciate his competitiveness and great performance. I'm already looking forward to the May Rally Tatra, "said Marek Růžička, a CEO of ŠKODA AUTO Slovakia.

Driver Martin Koči with co-driver Radovan Mozner Jr. with the nine special stages, started off in order to achieve the team ambitions very dynamically. The first timed stage indicated that over the victory they will have to fight with Grzegorz Grzyb, who has won four titles of Master of Slovakia. The ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport crew, after the first stage maintained the gap to the overall winner only 4,4 seconds. In the second stage they got a flat tire on the front driver side. They came in seventh and dropped to fourth place losing 29 seconds to the leader. The next stage, our young driver won and after the fourth stage he was already second in the general standing, which he clung to until the end of the race.

At this high speed race driven exclusively on the asphalt surface and where the drivers reached 200 km / h top speed in some stages, the crew Koči / Mozner Jr. finished 39.5 seconds behind the winning crew Grzyb / Browiński. Marczyk / Gospodarczyk from Poland finished third with a loss of 1:03.4 minutes to the winner. The all Rally Prešov medalists drive a ŠKODA FABIA R5, so this Mladá Boleslav automobile manufacturer proved the technological development of this racing event.

"In such high speed race how the Rally Prešov was, every tenth of a second counts. Although after the first stage we gained an excellent position for attacking the overall victory, reaching a loss of almost 30 seconds after the second stage because of the flat tire would had been a very high risk. That's why we focused on taking second place, which was not easy at all. We are very happy with the second place. We won 25 important points in the competition for the overall Title of Slovakia, and that is a good starting position for further races, "said ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport, the most successful Slovak driver, Martin Koči.

Fans of the motorsport in Slovakia will see a new team ŠKODA Slovakia Motorsport with the crew Martin Koči / Radovan Mozner jr. on the 25th - 26th of May at the Tatra Rally. Martin Koči and co-driver Filip Schovánek also compete at selected events of ERC Junior U28.

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